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Top Notch Fitness strives to bring you the very best in fitness. Our facilities, trainers and programs are all top notch! We believe gyms should not just be about working out, but about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We work with all of our members to develop the best exercise, nutrition and programs to maintain your fitness goals.



Our IFBB pro and nationally accredited, certified fitness professionals will work with you to improve your health and achieve your fitness goals. We train you individually and monitor every part of your movement to ensure maximum results and safety. Each workout is specifically designed for you and your body type. It's not just a workout, it's a lifestyle.


Top Notch Fitness professionals can design a carb cycling nutrition plan, based on your body type to coincide with your lifestyle and fitness goals. This nutritional plan can help you to maximize your metabolism, burn fat, and gain muscle without starving or feeling tired! If you have tried other methods and are not getting results, you will be amazed by how this plan will transform you!



Experience 50 minutes of strength and high-intensity interval training, all designed and led by professional and nationally accredited, certified fitness trainers. Our routines are based on the newest available training techniques and all classes will be led by at least one trainer to ensure the safety of our trainees and monitoring of all exercises. Our high energy atmosphere will keep you motivated and having fun throughout your workout! We cry, we dance, we push, we lift and we reach for the top! So what are you waiting for? Come join us at the top!



We know finding time to workout can be difficult for those with a corporate lifestyle. At Top Notch Fitness, we have special programs designed to meet your needs.  With our fast paced workouts, scheduled before or after your workday, you can stay on track and maintain your fitness goals. Plus, take advantage of our corporate packages and pricing. Ask management for details.

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