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How to Signup

Before joining us, you need to register in our online system. It’s super easy, just follow the link below to login, then view our promotions, packages and series options. 

Or Find Us on the Mindbody App!



pick a series

We offer a variety of package and pricing options to fit your needs. Drop in for a single class, save by purchasing a series of sessions or by signing up a monthly unlimited membership.  


reserve a class

You may reserve classes daily online or through the Mindbody mobile app, available for both Apple and Android devices. The schedule operates on a sliding 7 day window, meaning you can schedule 7 days in advance. If it is Monday, you can book all the way up to the following Monday. You can even book a recurring class time if that is more convenient for you.

Reserve Now




Didn’t get into the class you wanted? Don’t worry, you can join the waitlist! As spots open up in classes we automatically add people on the waitlist to those spots in the order they were signed up. Just like regular booking, you must have purchased class sessions in your account available, to get on the list. If you’re not added to the class list, the sessions will remain in your account for future use. You’ll receive both text and email confirmation with the option to decline the reservation. Please note that we assume you want to attend ALL classes you are waitlisted for. If you don not remove yourself from the waitlist before the cancellation window (see cancellation details below), it is possible you’ll be added to the class after it’s too late to cancel. Additionally, we do not offer “switching” of classes. If you have a spot reserved in one class, and you are added off the waitlist to another class, then you are responsible for both classes.



Can’t make it to class? That’s not a problem! We simply ask for the courtesy of letting us know 12 hours in advance. Once you cancel, the session that you used to reserve your spot will simply be returned to your account. TOP NOTCH operates by appointments (your class reservations) and limits the number of spaces in each class to optimize experience. Any notice within 12 hours of a class start time severely inhibits our ability to re-sell that spot to someone else. As such, late cancelling or ‘no-showing’ a class will result in that session being charged from your account. (For Top Notch Members with any of the Unlimited membership options, a $15 charge will be applied to your credit card on file.) YOU CAN CANCEL ONLINE, THROUGH THE APP, OR BY CALLING THE STUDIO. 

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